I record drums at Torowa Studio, Poland

I use Beyerdynamic,Shure, AKG, Audix, Sennheiser and Neumann microphones. Burl Audio, TL Audio M4 Tube Console, Antelope Audio Goliath Interface, Vintage Analog and ProTools. One of the best mix engineer (Marcin Mały Górny) in Poland mix my drums.

Mics: M 201 snare, M 160 hh, TG D57 toms, TG G70 Kick, MC 930 Overheads. All from the Beyerdynamic. Shure SM57, Beta 91A, Beta 181, Sm7b, 55SH, AKG C414 X2, Vintage Sennheiser MD 441-U, Neumann KM 184 MT

Drums: Vintage Ludwig, Vintage Sonor Hilite snare drum 14×6.5, Gretsch Renown:22″x14″ and 18″x14″ bass drum, 12″x08″ and 14″x14″toms,  8×14″ Swamp Dawg,  14×5″ Black Nickel, 14×6.5″ Wood Hoop Aluminium Snare. All snares by Gretsch. 14×6.5 Craviotto snare 

Cymbals: Only Zildjian: 14″ A Avedis and 14″ K Custom Dark hi hat, 16″ K Custom Special Dry crash and 17″ Trash crash, 18″ Kerope crash and 22″ K Light ride